15 minutes of exercise burns one 'treat'

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 26 (UPI) -- People who indulge in Halloween candy can burn off calories and have fun, or even be productive, at the same time, a U.S. non-profit fitness organization says.

Leigh Crews, a fitness trainer for the American Council on Exercise, said the average amount of popular candy -- one Almond Joy Snack Size Bar, one Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or six Tootsie Rolls -- is about 100 calories.


To burn off the calories of one Halloween treat:

-- Dance for 20 minutes.

-- Jog in place for 12 minutes.

-- 15 minutes of intense weight training burns approximately 100 calories. These "tuned up" muscles will keep burning more calories even after the workout is over.

-- Bike for 10 minutes at 12-14 mph.

-- Play a virtual sport or exercise games.

-- Walk for about 15 minutes.

-- Bounce on a trampoline for 27 minutes to tone legs, butt and abs.

-- Wax your car for 20 minutes.

-- Shop at the mall for 41 minutes.

-- Dig, rake, plant and weed in the garden for 15 minutes.

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