Poll: Married couples exercise less

LONDON, Sept. 23 (UPI) -- Married people exercise less than single people, a British survey found, supporting research that couples are more likely to be obese than singles.

The poll conducted by Loughborough University for Britain's Department of Health found spouses were far less likely to take the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week than singles or divorcees, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.


Of those in the survey who reported doing less than the recommended amount of running, cycling, swimming or playing sports, 76 percent of the men and 63 percent of the women were married.

In contrast, just 24 percent of men who failed to meet the guidelines and 33 percent of the women were single or divorced.

"Because married people are often older and have more responsibility for children and other factors, it could be these responsibilities which are curtailing their activity patterns," said Len Almond of St Mary's University College, who helped develop the adult activity guidelines.

Research published last year suggested married couples "let themselves go" as they enjoy more comfortable lifestyles, spending more time in front of the television and in other sedentary pursuits.


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