70,000 in WTC registry to be surveyed

NEW YORK, Aug. 17 (UPI) -- More than 70,000 people exposed to the World Trade Center attacks in New York will be surveyed for the third time, city health officials say.

Dr. Thomas Farley, New York City health commissioner, says the registry, which has surveyed the same sample twice before, will examine the health status of the survey participants 10 years after the 2001 terrorist attacks.


The registry includes rescue and recovery workers, Lower Manhattan residents, area workers, students and passersby, Farley says.

"Findings from the registry's two prior surveys helped establish the burden of post-traumatic stress disorder and respiratory illness among directly exposed people," Farley says in a statement. "Only now has sufficient time passed to begin investigating potential late emerging and long-term health effects associated with WTC exposure. Responses to the third survey will provide researchers with health updates that can help guide clinical services in the future."

Registry enrollees -- about 13,000 live outside the New York City area -- can obtain more information about completing the third survey by e-mailing the registry at [email protected] or calling the registry through 311, the city's government information telephone line, Farley says.


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