Woman, 57, gives birth to grandson

BLACKWOOD, Wales, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- A 57-year-old woman has become Britain's oldest surrogate mother, having given birth to her grandson through in-vitro fertilization, officials said.

Pamela Butler gave birth to Josef, her 5-pound 4-ounce grandson following four IVF attempts, the Daily Telegraph reported.


Doctors impregnated eggs taken from Nichola Pagett, Butler's daughter, with sperm taken from Nichola's husband Mathew, and implanted them into Butler's womb.

Baby Josef was born in August.

"It was the greatest gift I could have given her," Butler said. "It's wonderful to watch her being a mum now. The doctors were wonderful and very reassuring. Luckily it was an easy pregnancy and it was the most wonderful moment when Nichola held her son for the first time."

The Pagetts, both 35, of Blackwood, South Wales, spent about $21,000 on the fertilization treatment.

"Mum may have been 57 but I always trusted her completely," Nichola Pagett said. "She knew that she was the best person for the job. I was worried about her because of her age. I was with her every minute of the day, checking she was fine."

A spokeswoman for the charity Surrogacy UK said, "We are not aware of anyone who even comes close to this age ever having been a surrogate mother."


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