Trouble getting a date? Try showering

NEW YORK, Aug. 7 (UPI) -- It may seem elementary, but two-thirds of young women say a guy's cleanliness was a determining factor in whether they would date him, U.S. researchers say.

In the study, 262 men at six major universities were asked to shower with bar soap for one week and with AXE Phoenix Shower Gel. In addition, 106 young women were surveyed.


The study says 66 percent of women surveyed say a man who put some effort into his personal hygiene was sexy, while 75 percent say they would only date a guy who showered daily.

The women seem to prefer men who hang out in the library than the athletic field or the weight room. Forty-seven percent say professors were the best groomed men on campus, 45 percent say members of student government were best groomed and 44 percent said pre-med students had the best grooming.

However, 39 percent of the women say fraternity brothers had the worst hygiene on campus, 23 percent of on-campus residents rated worst for grooming and 16 percent of varsity athletes were considered to have the worst hygiene.

The study was conducted in February and the results are projectable within a sampling tolerance of plus/minus 3.75 percentage points.


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