Siblings argue over personal space

COLUMBIA, Mo., April 7 (UPI) -- Siblings have conflicts over issues including personal space as well as equality and fairness, U.S. researchers say.

Nicole Campione-Barr, assistant professor at the University of Missouri, says some types of disagreements between siblings can affect the quality of sibling relationships.


"The first conflict area we found includes issues about physical and emotional personal space, such as borrowing items without asking and hanging around when older siblings have friends over," Campione-Barr says in a statement. "When these issues were present, both younger and older siblings reported less trust and communication. The second conflict area includes equality and fairness issues, such as taking turns and sharing responsibilities. These conflicts had no impact on relationship quality."

If both younger and older siblings reported personal space conflicts, older siblings reported these conflicts more frequently, suggesting older siblings are more sensitive to personal space issues, the study says.

The findings are published in journal Child Development.

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