Report: Some baby food high in fat

LONDON, May 4 (UPI) -- Some baby foods in Britain contain more fat than a cheeseburger and more sugar than chocolate, the Children's Food Campaign said.

"Many foods marketed for babies and young children are often advertised as healthy. In reality, in terms of sugar and saturated fat content, some are worse than junk food," said Christine Haigh, a spokeswoman for the campaign, a lobbying group.


For example, Farley's Original Rusks contain more sugar per 100 grams than McVities Dark Chocolate Digestives, and Heinz Toddler's Own Mini Cheese Biscuits contain more saturated fat per 100 grams than a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with cheese, Haigh said.

Farley's and Heinz defended their baby products by saying they were meant to be eaten in smaller portions than 100 grams, The Daily Telegraph reported Monday.

The Children's Food Campaign said it will continue lobbying the government to develop labels for children's foods that show at a glance if a product is healthy, The Guardian reported Monday.

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