U.S. health sector adds 30,000 jobs

WASHINGTON, Jan. 12 (UPI) -- The U.S. healthcare sector added more than 30,000 jobs while the number of jobs in most other sectors fell dramatically, the U.S. Labor Department said.

"In December, large job losses continued in manufacturing, construction and employment services, while healthcare continued to add jobs," the department's Bureau of Labor Statistics reported.


While healthcare was adding jobs, non-farm payrolls overall fell by more than 2 million between December 2007 and last month, the bureau said.

Healthcare growth included more than 14,000 jobs in ambulatory healthcare services such as doctors' offices and outpatient care centers, nearly 12,000 hospital jobs, 5,500 jobs in nursing and residential care facilities and 5,000 in home health services, the bureau said.

The bureau's statistics do not include the pharmaceutical sector, whose businesses cut more than 60,000 jobs last year.

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