Sociologist says fathers must see children

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MONTREAL, Sept. 10 (UPI) -- Single fathers should never be prevented from seeing their children -- even in the toughest family conflicts, a University of Montreal researcher said.

Sociologist Germain Dulac of the University of Montreal's Interdisciplinary Research Center on Violence Against Women and Families said interaction should always continue between father and child.


"Every father, even the worst delinquent, must see his child once in a while. It's beneficial for both parties," Dulac said in a statement.

In cases of violence or incest, visits must obviously be highly supervised by social workers and other specialists. Yet preventing contact between father and child would be a mistake, Dulac insists.

"Support groups have often proven that fathers turn out better if they stay in touch with their child," Dulac said.

In Quebec, it is estimated one-third of single fathers never see their children; one-third see them sporadically and one-third have regular contact. Fifty percent of marriages don't last in Quebec, Dulac said.

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