Scientific Intake tests weight-loss device

ATLANTA, Nov. 7 (UPI) -- U.S. firm Scientific Intake said it has finished enrolling patients in a study of its non-invasive weight-loss device.

The company said it has recruited 190 patients in a multi-center study and would seek approval of the device for use in people with a body mass index from 27 to 35.


The device simulates a physical condition linked with thinness called Torus Palatinus. The device contains a wireless microsensor linking patients and providers for remote monitoring of compliance, behavior change and progress.

Scientific Intake said the device increases savoring, reduces bolus size, slows intake and allows the body's built in defense mechanism, the satiety response, to trigger.

Earlier studies of the new system showed patients felt satisfied and were able to reduce their food intake by 23 percent, the company said.

"There are only a handful of FDA approved therapies for obesity. Passive treatments like diet and exercise are difficult to stick with, resulting in high recidivism," said William Longley, CEO of Scientific Intake. "Invasive procedures are a drastic step and are contraindicated until BMI reaches 35 with co-morbidities. The side effects of the pharmaceutical options are well documented. Our approach is device based with wireless remote monitoring."


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