Holidays can bring turmoil to children

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 27 (UPI) -- The picturesque holiday of U.S. families celebrating with food and gifts, with mom, dad, son and daughter joined under one roof has been displaced.

More then one-third of all marriages end in divorce as reported by the National Center for Health Statistics, and as a result many children now celebrate their holidays under several different roofs and possibly with more than one mom or dad.


It has the potential for the holidays to be difficult and stressful times for children and parents of divorce, according to the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. To help children of divorce enjoy the holidays, the CAMFT suggests:

-- Stick with a routine so children can retain a sense of stability and predictability.

-- Communicate with an ex-spouse or co-parents beforehand to plan holiday events and schedules.

-- Orchestrate the giving of gifts and know what the other parent is giving a child to avoid double gifts and ones that "out-do" the other parent.

-- Allow children to keep in touch with a co-parent.

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