Florida Chick-fil-A sign seeks prom date for employee

By Ben Hooper

April 4 (UPI) -- The marquee sign outside of a Chick-fil-A restaurant in Florida is advertising more than chicken sandwiches -- it is offering an employee as a prom date.

The sign outside the Chick-fil-A in Casselberry drew attention this week for its unusual message: "Tanner needs a prom date! Details inside."


The dateless Tanner in question, Tanner Waters, 17, is an employee at the eatery and a senior at Winter Springs High School.

"I think it's funny," Waters told WKMG-TV. "I mean, like, you don't usually see your name on something like that."

He said involving his workplace in his quest for a prom date started when he jokingly asked his manager, Billy McClarnon, to be his date.

"I'm like, 'No, I'm not going to prom with you,'" McClarnon recalled. "But if you need some help, I'll put it on the reader board for you."

Waters said he was excited by the idea.

"I said, That would be awesome. That would help me out a lot.' It takes all the work out of finding" a date, Waters said.

McClarnon printed out a picture of Waters to show to interested customers who inquire about a date while the student isn't working.


Waters said he is hoping to find a date before prom, which is scheduled for the end of the month.

"I'm a great person," he said. "I have a great personality. You're going to have a great time with me. You get free dinner. Someone is buying us dinner. It's gonna be a great night."

The Florida store isn't the first Chick-fil-A to involve its sign in a quest for a prom date -- Tanner Lee, who met his girlfriend, Tatum Hoof, while he was working at an Atlanta-area Chick-fil-A, had the sign's message changed by the manager to help him ask Hoof to the prom last year. Lee posted photos of the promposal to Twitter, where they went viral.

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