'True Blood' star Anna Paquin talks Season 6, WIGS webseries

Anna Paquin. File/UPI/Chris Chew | <a href="/News_Photos/lp/164a09e4702bca628ceb648ee5448d2c/" target="_blank">License Photo</a>
Anna Paquin. File/UPI/Chris Chew | License Photo

Anna Paquin is having a good month, with the return of "True Blood" in its sixth season and the debut of a new webseries "Susanna."

The new mom of twins, 10-month-olds Charlie and Poppy, Paquin plays Katie, a single mom suffering from postpartum depression in "Susanna". She said her own motherhood gave her a more personal perspective to the issues the series tried to address, even if she did not suffer from them herself.


"These are the kind of things that should be talked about more openly," Paquin explained. "It's a really detailed and beautifully written portrait."

"It's hopefully the kind of thing that will make people feel like they can discuss this kind of stuff more openly," she said. "As an actress, I've found that there's not an enormous amount of really interesting material for women that's not sappy and sentimental. What Jon and others have done by putting a creative emphasis on female stories, if possible written by females and driven by women, I think that's really amazing."

Paquin said she squeezed in shooting the WIGS webseries on weekends, in the middle of shooting Season 6 of "True Blood."


"It's not like I was doing it in any one long chunk and getting to stay in it," she said. "I was going back and forth, but it's always fun getting to do to new things and new characters."

As for her true blood character, fairy-waitress Sookie Stackhouse, Paquin said her new love interest Ben (Robert Kazinsky) could shake things up as the season unfolds.

"Sookie usually starts out every season saying, 'I'm not getting involved with anyone. I'm going to be my own person and stay away from trouble.' But that doesn't make interesting television," she said, laughing. "She ends up in these situations with guys that usually end up being very complicated."

Still, because Ben is also a fairy, Paquin said her character might be feeling a little hopeful.

"There's a common ground there because they're both faeries," she explained. "She hasn't, until very recently, been around many of her kind that she likes, so at least starting out, there's some hope."

And while she refused to drop any hints about her upcoming return to the world of X-Men, reprising her role as Rogue in the upcoming "Days of Future Past," she did say the filming was a lot of fun.


"I had a really great time, but that's about as much as I'm allowed to say," she reminisced. "It was nice to see my old friends, but anything other than that, look on [director] Bryan Singer's Twitter page."

Check out a clip of Paquin as Katie in "Susanna":

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