Lisa Vanderpump: 'Villa' is nothing like 'Vanderpump Rules'

Lisa Vanderpump enjoys French living. Photo courtesy of Hulu
1 of 6 | Lisa Vanderpump enjoys French living. Photo courtesy of Hulu

April 1 (UPI) -- Lisa Vanderpump said her new show, Vanderpump Villa, premiering Monday on Hulu, is "nothing like" the reality show about her restaurant, Vanderpump Rules.

Vanderpump Villa chronicles the businesswoman's French villa, Chateau Rosabelle, at which she lives with her staff.


"It would be hard to say they're similar," Vanderpump told UPI in a Los Angeles interview. "Of course, it will be compared. I'm sure people will, but it's totally different."

Vanderpump said that her Chateau staff of 12 - including servers, housekeepers, mixologists and managers - make it a very different experience than her restaurant show.

"I haven't lived with my staff before," Vanderpump said. "That was definitely a unique experience."

The French countryside and 19th-century villa give the Hulu show a "stunning" look, Vanderpump said, adding that many of the Chateau's guests bring with them "heartwarming" stories.

"There are very poignant stories, as well -- people who have been through a lot, they've come to celebrate with a group of friends," Vanderpump said. "There's proposals, there's a bachelorette, a melange of different experiences."

There is still drama behind the scenes at Vanderpump Villa. Two of Vanderpump's servers, Hannah and Mauricio, get romantic. The trailer shows Hannah catch Mauricio cheating, with tears and screaming to follow.


"You expect there to be shenanigans in the background," Vanderpump said. "That's always the way."

Vanderpump said conflict is just the nature of putting any group of different personalities together. As the executive producer of the reality show, Vanderpump said, she still welcomed memorable characters.

"For a reality show, you want a certain type of person that's not going to retire into the background," she said. "This cast does not disappoint."

Vanderpump said she brought some employees from previous businesses, and other staff members knew each other before the Chateau. The episodes show the staff learning how to excel at their jobs.

""It's about their living experience," Vanderpump said. "It's about their evolution on the show."

The hotelier also said showing the turmoil makes viewers interested in the business.

"Business is a struggle on any level," Vanderpump said. "I'm not going to show you the mundane thing where you have to sit down and do the books and things like that."

She also has no fears that any drama would turn prospective clients away from the Chateau.

"I think it's a place where, even though you get a little crazy, you'd still want to go on vacation there," Vanderpump said. "It's very much escapism. It's funny, it's naughty, it's fresh. It was a blast."


New episodes of Vanderpump Villa stream Mondays on Hulu.

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