'iCarly' S3: Laci Mosley says Harper lives for drama

Laci Mosley (L) and Miranda Cosgrove star in "iCarly." Photo courtesy of Paramount+,
1 of 5 | Laci Mosley (L) and Miranda Cosgrove star in "iCarly." Photo courtesy of Paramount+,

NEW YORK, May 31 (UPI) -- Laci Mosley says Harper, the former socialite-turned-barista she plays on iCarly, will confront her past in Season 3 of the sitcom.

"We always hear her referencing how she used to be rich, but we never get to see it," Mosley told UPI in a recent Zoom interview.


"You're going to get to see rich, luxurious Harper a little bit this season. I think that's really fun, and Harper's going to get into some mess."

Harper also will enjoy a romance with an old rival, but Mosley wants to keep how long that relationship lasts a mystery for now.

"I think she dates the most out of the cast," Mosley said. "She meets someone from her past and maybe that person becomes a part of her present. Who knows?"

Set in contemporary Seattle, Season 3 of the sequel to the comedy series premieres on Paramount+ on Thursday.


Here, Miranda Cosgrove, Nathan Kress and Jerry Trainor reprise their roles of Carly, Freddie and Spence, who they played for six seasons on the original Nickelodeon show, which ran from 2007 to 2012. The series follows an adult Carly, who decides to revive her childhood web series with the help of her friends and artist brother.

Harper is Carly's roommate, and Jaidyn Triplett plays Millicent, Freddie's tween-aged stepdaughter.

"Millicent is addressing her family struggles," Triplett said about her work for Season 3.

"In Season 1, the Romeo & Juliet episode, she kind of addressed with her mom and her dad what she went through [when they split up], so touching back on that topic toward the end of the season is going to be really fun."

Millicent also is planning a wedding for her grandmother Marissa (Mary Scheer), with whom she and Freddie live.

"I had a very, very nice outfit for that episode," Triplett said.

Meanwhile, Harper and Millicent have a big sister-little sister dynamic that continues in Season 3.

"Millicent thinks she is the same age as Harper," Mosley said.

"I haven't grown up much at all. But I think that there is such a bond between our characters. We have a lot of little jokes with each other."


Both can be grounding forces in the midst of the show's zaniness, which plague the central characters in the form of romantic woes and career challenges.

"Harper is a self-motivated voice of reason, so she'll be like, 'Do this because I want it!'" Mosley said.

"Millicent can do [this, too]. You're going to see that this season where she is the voice of reason, but there are things that excite Millicent that make her get out of her shell a little bit."

So, how do they feel about Carly finally realizing she is in love with her twice-divorced, best friend and neighbor Freddie after all of these years?

"Harper lives for drama," Mosley said. "She's trying to keep Carly from having another heartbreak in the beginning, but once the mess is on, she's got her camera up and she is capturing everything."

Millicent feels the opposite about the situation.

"My character is kind of protective over Freddie, so it's like me and Harper clashing in that sense," Triplett said.

The actresses think viewers are attracted to the show, in part, because it is about a group of people, most of whom are not blood-related, but who love and treat each other like family.


"Blended families should be normalized," Triplett said.

Mosley noted that the sequel continues the theme of the original iCarly during which viewers rarely, if ever, saw the parents of siblings Carly and Spence.

"We're all kind of our chosen family because you don't see us with our [biological] family very often, if at all," except for Millicent, Freddie and Marissa, she added.

"I think that's a great message to everyone out there that family are the people you choose for yourself. They are also the people you are blood-related to, and if one isn't supplying enough, work around them."

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