'Run the World' cast addresses relationships, careers in Season 2

From left to right, "Run the World" star Amber Stevens West, creator Leigh Davenport, and stars Corbin Reid and Bresha Webb return for Season 2. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI
1 of 5 | From left to right, "Run the World" star Amber Stevens West, creator Leigh Davenport, and stars Corbin Reid and Bresha Webb return for Season 2. File Photo by John Angelillo/UPI | License Photo

LOS ANGELES, May 26 (UPI) -- Run the World stars Amber Stevens West, Tosin Morohunfola, Corbin Reid said their characters face career and relationship crossroads in Season 2, premiering Friday on Starz.

In the Season 1 finale, Whitney (Stevens West) confessed to an affair before her wedding. While Whitney waits to learn if her fiance, Ola (Morohunfola), can forgive her in Season 2, West said Whitney may reconsider marrying himf.


"Part of the journey of Season 2 is her just trying to figure out how to give Ola the space," Stevens West said in a recent Zoom interview. "And also see if that's a relationship that she really wants to fight for or if the reason she blew the whole thing up is because she wasn't truly fulfilled."

Morohunfola said he appreciated that Run the World writers had so much empathy for Ola.


"I was just glad that the show was willing to be unflinching and honest about being a heartbroken Black man," Morohunfola said. "There's too many TV shows out there where what you see is the hypermasculine Black Man or the ultraviolent Black man."

Formerly married couple Jason (Jay Walker) and Renee (Bresha Webb) already went through a divorce in Season 1. Renee divorced Jay over his spending their money to promote a band, but Walker said Jay has also had time to reconsider his marriage.

"Even though it was his mistake primarily, he had more time to reflect on other things that weren't perfect in their relationship," Walker said. "He's also making his own career stuff happen."

While Jay continues to pursue producing music, Renee started her own marketing agency. Webb said Renee is focused on her career in Season 2.

"Even if she falls on her face, she's going to do it," Webb said. "She's moving in a way that is authentically who she is."

Whitney and Renee's friend. Sondi (Reid). thought her relationship was on solid ground in Season 1. Sondi is dating Matthew (Stephen Bishop), a professor and single father with whose daughter Sondi,has bonded.

Matthew's ex-wife returns in the season premiere. Reid said Sondi also may have been overlooking other relationship issues that she is forced to confront in Season 2.


"She makes some really tough, courageous decisions that force her to face her wants and needs," Reid said.

The three friends also share a life coach, Barb (Erika Alexander). Alexander said Barb feels her clients are not making progress fast enough.

"They're so indecisive," Alexander said. "Either jump or move out of the way."

One area in which Whitney, Renee and Sondi are decisive is in their fashion choices. Run the World features a wardrobe designed by Sex and the City costumers Pat Fields and Tracy L. Cox.

Whitney takes some time between the cancelation of her wedding and returning to work. When she returns to the office, she wears a pink ensemble Cox tailored for her out of a men's suit.

"He found a vintage suit, sliced it all up and pulled it all together," Stevens West said "We knew that it needed to be a really fun moment for Whitney where she felt as powerful as she could even though she was terrified to walk back into that office."

Webb and Reid said fans should get ready for the fashion the characters display in the season finale.

"I have a pair of gold Marni boots that I wear in the finale that are thigh-high," Reid said. "I'm like, 'Are you getting this in a wide shot here? You gonna get these boots?'"


New episodes of Run the World air Fridays at 9:30 p.m. EDT on Starz and premiere midnight on Fridays on the Starz app.

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