Snoopy returns as debonair as ever in new 'Snoopy Show' trailer

"The Snoopy Show" returns on June 9. Photo courtesy of Apple TV+
1 of 2 | "The Snoopy Show" returns on June 9. Photo courtesy of Apple TV+

May 25 (UPI) -- The Snoopy Show is now in its third season on Apple TV+.

In a new trailer, Charlie Brown's loyal canine companion is shown in various scenarios along with the Peanuts clan.


Snoopy is shown discovering Woodstock as Lucy attempts to conceal him in a game of three-card monte. The trailer promises "more amazing tails" from the "leader of the pack" as Snoopy is shown dressed for what looks like St. Patrick's Day, leading a troop of Woodstocks, and in detective gear as the Peanuts gang responds and reacts.

"Your imagination can take you anyplace you want to go," Lucy exclaims in a voiceover, and that's true for Snoopy who is shown skiing, piloting a doghouse in the water, and as a pirate.

"Why can't my brother have a normal dog?" Sally Brown wonders.

Because then there would be no Snoopy Show.

Even Charlie Brown wonders at Snoopy's endless ability to find more adventures.

"My dog leads a far more interesting life than I do," he says. "With Snoopy by my side, there's nothing we can't do."


All 12 episodes of Season 3 of The Snoopy Show will premiere on Apple TV+ on June 9.

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