'Taskmaster' renewed for 6 more seasons, junior series in the works

March 15 (UPI) -- British game show Taskmaster will return for six more seasons.

Channel 4 announced in a press release Wednesday that it renewed the series and is also developing the spinoff Junior Taskmaster.


Taskmaster is a comedy panel show created by Alex Horne and hosted by Horne and Greg Davies. Each episode features a group of five celebrities as they attempt to complete challenges, with Horne acting as umpire and Davies as "taskmaster."

The series originally premiered on Dave in 2015 and started airing on Channel 4 in 2020.

Junior Taskmaster "will see young people aged 9 to 11 bring their fledgling wiles, athleticism and creativity to the game that recognizes genius at any age." Hosts for the spinoff will be announced soon.

"I've watched many, many comedians flounder when given simple instructions over the past few years and I fully expect the competitors in Junior Taskmaster to be both more competent and just as funny. For that series, I will be handing over my assistant's clipboard to someone equally as efficient and persistent as myself because I have a lot more admin to do with six further handfuls of supposedly talented adults. I live for bureaucracy so this is all excellent news," Horne said in a statement.


"My long-term contempt for young people is a matter of record but other people here at Taskmaster HQ seem convinced that they have merit. I am thrilled that two new team members are putting this questionable hypothesis to the test and will take on the challenge of corralling and assessing them on television. I will be watching closely to ensure standards are met. I am also delighted that Alex and I return to test the intelligence of comedians in the most scientific of ways. I'll be pretty angry. It's not even an act anymore," Davies added.

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