Rebecca Rittenhouse: 'Maggie' psychic visions are unreliable

Rebecca Rittenhouse stars in "Maggie." Photo courtesy of Hulu
Rebecca Rittenhouse stars in "Maggie." Photo courtesy of Hulu

LOS ANGELES, July 6 (UPI) -- Rebecca Rittenhouse plays a psychic whose visions aren't always 100% accurate in the TV series Maggie, premiering Wednesday on Hulu.

"She can't rely on her visions to know everything," Rittenhouse told UPI in a recent Zoom interview "She's just trying to do the best with what she's got."


Maggie (Rittenhouse) is shocked when she sees herself in Ben's (David Del Rio) future. Just when she's ready to accept this fate, Maggie then sees Ben marrying Jessie (Chloe Bridges).

"There could be glitches in the system," Del Rio said. "There always are."

While Maggie's visions give her conflicting information in the series, 33-year-old Rittenhouse said filming her psychic readings was rigorous. She said she had to focus on performing her readings for the camera, as well as to her co-stars in the scenes.

"The things that I had to do with my eyeline specifically, it was actually very technical," Rittenhouse said.


Maggie breaks things off with Ben once she sees Jessie in his future. However, the situation becomes more complicated when Ben and Jessie move into an apartment in her complex.

"Ben is there to support her the best he can as a friend, also knowing that there's a little bit of romantic history between them," said Del Rio, 34.

Jessie and Ben have an on-again, off-again relationship. Jessie does not know that Ben got together with Maggie while they were apart, but her own history with Ben provides enough tension.

"It's hard to just let go of the past," said Bridges, 30. "Every time that there's a break, every time that there's a fight, you hold on to those feelings. You hold on to lingering resentments."

The ensemble cast of Maggie grows when Ben's sister, Amy (Angelique Cabral), and her fiance, Dave (Leonardo Nam), enter the picture. Cabral said Amy has reservations about her brother's relationship, too.

"I think she goes back and forth," said Cabral, 43. "She wants her brother to be happy, like we all do."

Nam, 42, said Dave and Amy represent the relationship Maggie could have if she takes the leap.

"We are almost like the rock-solid version of love that Maggie is searching for," Nam said.


Maggie has an inner circle, too, including Angel (Ray Ford), another psychic who was her mentor.

"I think everybody's probably a little bit psychic, even if you just call it intuition," Ford said. "I've enjoyed playing in that little field and pretending."

Maggie also does yoga with her best friend, Louise (Nichole Sakura). Louise often needs Maggie to warn her about trouble she's about to get into.

"I think they have the kind of friendship where they feel like they're sisters," said Sakura, 32. "They're very close."

Maggie's parents, Maria (Kerri Kenney-Silver) and Jack (Chris Elliott), own the building in which both Maggie and Ben live. As parents and landlords, Maria and Jack are present in Maggie's life.

"She thinks she knows better than her psychic daughter about what's going to happen in the future because she's been there," said Kenney-Silver, 52. "The clock is ticking and she wants some grandkids."

Elliott has two daughters in real life, actors Abby Elliott and Bridey Elliott.

Elliott, 62, said he related to Jack, but based Jack on co-creator Maggie Mull's father, comedian Martin Mull.

"Martin and I are sort of from the same gene pool," Elliott said. "We're both guys who avoid controversy, avoid any kind of strenuous work, whether it be physical or mental, and prefer a relaxing chair to a chore."


Jack and Maria provide some comic relief in scenes in which they have to repair tenants' appliances. Elliott said they also provide some of the show's heart.

"As a dad, you can only be so funny with your daughters or sons for so long," Elliott said. "Then you have to give them a little seriousness and a little advice or a little guidance."

All episodes of Maggie Season 1 are available on Hulu.

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