Amy Schneider on 'Jeopardy' streak ending: 'Hard to be that sad'

Jan. 27 (UPI) -- Amy Schneider discussed her 40-game winning streak coming to an end on Jeopardy! while appearing on Good Morning America.

Schneider, a 42-year-old engineering manager who is transgender, was eliminated on Wednesday's installment of Jeopardy! after she lost to Rhone Talsma, a librarian from Chicago who earned $29, 600 to Schneider's $19,600.


"He deserved it. He did a great job. It's hard to be that sad when I've done so much better than I expected," Schneider told GMA on Thursday.

"This is it. I know the answer of how far I go. It's 40 and that's something that, I could never be disappointed in winning that many games," she continued.

Schneider had earned the show's second-longest win streak at 40 games and the fourth highest cash winnings at $1,382, 800. Current host Ken Jennings holds the records for most consecutive wins at 74 and highest winnings at $2,520,700.

"It was coming to an end somehow and I couldn't quite explain it. I definitely think part of that was once I passed Matt Amodio, the next milestone of Ken Jennings' streak still just felt unfathomably far away," Schneider said.


"It just sort of seemed like I had done all I could do," she continued.

Schneider also addressed the trans community during the interview.

"Specifically to trans people out there, anything you wanted to do before you can still keep chasing those same dreams," she said.

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