Courtney Veale on Lexi Wilson's behavior: 'It just went from zero to 100'

July 27 (UPI) -- Courtney Veale says Lexi Wilson's behavior "went from zero to 100" on Below Deck Mediterranean.

Veale and her co-star Malia White appeared Monday on Watch What Happens Live, where they weighed in on Wilson's intense behavior during Monday's episode of Below Deck Med.


Monday's Below Deck Med showed Wilson clash with her co-stars, including Lloyd Spencer, during a crew night out. Wilson even got physical with Mzi "Zee" Dempers.

On WWHL, White was asked if she thought alcohol or the death of Wilson's father contributed to her behavior. Wilson's father died in May 2020.

"I think it was probably a mixture of everything. I think she had a lot going on, especially with, you know, the passing of her dad so recently, and then alcohol just kind of fueled everything," White said.

Veale said she was "passed out" during part of the night but was "pretty shocked" to hear the next day that Wilson got physical with Dempers.

In addition, Veale said she tried to support Wilson during the hot tub fight but doesn't condone Wilson's behavior.

"Obviously Lexi was definitely in the wrong at the time," Veale said. "It was a really weird, drunken situation that escalated out of, like, nothing."


"And obviously, I was very drunk. So it just went from zero to 100 very quick and I didn't really know what was going on," she added. "So I was just in the middle trying to, trying to not leave her on her own but not, like, take any sides."

On the WWHL after-show, White also answered why she didn't leave Wilson alone in the hot tub.

"When I told her to get the F off the deck, it was because it was a safety concern. I'm not going to leave this drunk girl in this massive hot tub where she could drown," she said. "That was nice of me."

Below Deck Med follows the crew of a superyacht during charter season. The series is in its sixth season on Bravo.

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