Karen Huger: Gizelle Bryant's '#FreeUncleBen' t-shirt was 'low blow'

July 12 (UPI) -- Karen Huger is weighing in on her feud with her Real Housewives of Potomac co-star Gizelle Bryant.

The 58-year-old television personality appeared on Sunday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, where she played a game where she answered whether Bryant's past actions bothered her.


Huger said she was bothered by Bryant wearing a t-shirt with the hashtags "#FreeKaren," "#FreeUncleBen" and "#TaxReform" in Season 3 during Huger's husband Ray Huger's tax issues.

"I got to say, that was a low blow. That bothered me," Huger said on WWHL.

Huger also said she was bothered by Bryant sitting in the middle seat during her birthday dinner in Season 1.

Huger said she wasn't bothered by Bryant FaceTiming her then-boyfriend Jamal after Huger accused Bryant of not being open about her relationship.

"Not at all. It proved he lived in the phone," she said.

In addition, Huger said she wasn't bothered when Bryant said during the Season 5 reunion that Huger's Geritol had kicked in.

"She would know, because she's such a big liar. She drinks a whole bottle of Geritol a day," Huger said.

Huger also explained some of her confusing past comments to Bryant, including a remark about Bryant's ex-boyfriend Jamal.


The RHOP Season 6 premiere, which aired Sunday, showed Huger and Bryant clash after feuding throughout Season 5. Bryant said on the show that she "can't stand" Huger.

"The feeling's mutual," Huger replied.

RHOP co-stars Ashley Darby, Robyn Dixon, Candiace Dillard, Wendy Osefo and Mia Thornton.

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