Leah McSweeney says she was 'hard' on Heather Thomson

June 30 (UPI) -- Leah McSweeney says she was "hard" on Heather Thomson on The Real Housewives of New York.

The 38-year-old television personality said on Tuesday's episode of Watch What Happens Live that she apologized to Thomson following their feud in the Hamptons, which was shown on RHONY this month.


The June 8 episode of RHONY showed McSweeney and Thomson clash over voting ahead of the 2020 presidential election. McSweeney slammed Thomson after Thomson raised issue with McSweeney not voting.

"You are white feminism 101, you are the [expletive] problem," McSweeney told Thomson. "You think you're the authority on everything. Do not talk about me, do not talk about anything that I say. It's none of your [expletive] business. Why do you have to be in everyone's business like a Karen?"

On WWHL, McSweeney said she felt bad about her fight with Thomson

"Look, I don't think we were ever going to be besties," she said. "I think I was definitely hard on her. I think that I was watching, I was like, 'Wow, I really am not being myself.' I obviously was kind of taking things out on her."


McSweeney said she apologized to Thomson ahead of the election night party.

"I did feel bad. I did DM her to also talk about it, 'cause then I found out she wasn't going to be joining us for the election night party," she said. "I was like, oh, maybe I need to say sorry again or talk to her and just make her feel like, 'Hey. Okay, I'm sorry.' Then when it wasn't over, I was like, okay, that's weird."

McSweeney later said she doesn't regret anything from the Hamptons trip.

Thomson starred in RHONY Seasons 5-7 and appeared as a guest in Seasons 8-10 and 12. She was appearing as a friend of the housewives in Season 13 but cut her return short following her conflict with McSweeney.

"I get 24 hours in the day, just like you do and just like everybody else does," Thomson told Entertainment Tonight this month. "When it came to deciding how I wanted to spend that 24 hours after that weekend, it was pretty easy for me to decide it wasn't with the girls."

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