Keegan-Michael Key, Kenan Thompson stand up to heckling Muppets on 'SNL'

Keegan-Michael Key guest hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend. Photo by Will Heath/NBC
Keegan-Michael Key guest hosted "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. Photo by Will Heath/NBC

May 16 (UPI) -- Keegan-Michael Key and Kenan Thompson played theater security guards who stand up to heckling Muppets Statler and Waldorf on this weekend's edition of Saturday Night Live.

Key warns the two, elderly balcony-dwellers they should leave if they can't stop hurling insults at "this little dragon" -- Kermit the Frog -- "and his little friends" as they perform on stage.


"So please let them do their thing without talking," Key warned them.

When Statler and Warldorf interrupted Muppets Show guest star Lily Tomlin (Melissa Villasenor,) Key beats them up, yelling, 'Y'all gonna learn!" before Thompson breaks up the fight.

But when they start being rude again, Thompson throws some punches as well.

The melee stops when Key and Thompson realize the puppets have no legs, mistake them as war veterans, apologize profusely and thank them for their service.

Eventually, Kermit loses his temper and shouts: "Can you guys keep it down up there? We are trying to do a show?"

The sketch ends with Key telling Kermit he is stupid and the security guards laughing, along with and giving high-fives to Statler and Warldorf.

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