WWE Raw: Charlotte Flair attacks referee, Drew McIntyre faces T-Bar, Mace

April 20 (UPI) -- Charlotte Flair took on Asuka in the main event and Drew McIntyre was granted a 2-on-1 Handicap match against T-Bar and Mace on Raw.

Flair, who returned to Raw last week and attacked Asuka and Raw Women's Champion Rhea Ripley, addressed fans before her battle against The Empress of Tomorrow on Monday.


The Queen called herself the biggest star in WWE's women's division and referred to the other grapplers as rats, mentioning how fake they act around each other.

Flair described her disappointment in missing WrestleMania 37 and brought up how she has defeated both Ripley and Asuka before. Asuka came out to interrupt Flair and was followed by Ripley.

Ripley stated that she believed that Asuka would win in the main event and took Flair's offer to view the bout from ringside. Flair continued to keep Asuka from talking until she yelled back in anger.

The longtime rivals traded hard blows throughout the match, with Asuka landing multiple kicks and a German Suplex. Flair was able to escape from an Arm Bar and later, the Asuka lock.


As Flair was applying her Figure-Eight submission hold, Ripley interfered and saved Asuka from certain defeat. Flair grabbed Ripley, which allowed Asuka to kick her and roll her up for the three count.

Flair became incensed and started attacking the referee. Flair tossed the referee across the ring and punched him repeatedly as Raw went off the air. WWE official Adam Pearce then announced on Raw Talk that Flair was being suspended indefinitely and fined $100,000 for her actions.

Drew McIntyre demanded answers from MVP after he was ambushed last week by T-Bar and Mace, former members of the now defunct Retribution. MVP is the manager of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, who will be defending his title against McIntyre at WrestleMania Backlash on May 16.

MVP denied having any connection to T-Bar and Mace before the towering duo attacked McIntyre again from behind. T-Bar and Mace finished their assault by planting McIntyre in the ring with a Double Chokeslam.

The Scottish Warrior demanded a 2-on-1 Handicap match against T-Bar and Mace, with Pearce granting his wish. McIntyre was immediately on the attack when the bell rang and held his own for the most part until T-Bar and Mace double-teamed him in the corner, ending the match in a disqualification.

Braun Strowman walked down to the ring and the match was re-started as a Tag Team match. Strowman used his impressive strength against T-Bar and Mace, allowing McIntyre some time to recover.

McIntyre ended the match in a disqualification again when he ripped off Mace's mask and started attacking him with it. Strowman continued to brawl with T-Bar and also ripped off his mask, giving fans their first real look at T-Bar and Mace.


Also on Raw, Riddle started bothering Randy Orton backstage about forming a tag team known as RKBro while riding his scooter. Orton felt disrespected and was given a match against Riddle.

The Original Bro held his own against the ring veteran, and kept stopping Orton in his tracks by jumping on his back and applying a sleeper hold. Orton escaped the sleeper by exiting the ring and followed that up by slamming Riddle onto the announcer's desk.

The Viper started viciously stomping on Riddle's feet, landed a Suplex from the top rope and got ready to deliver the RKO after weathering any attacks.

Riddle was able to reverse the RKO into a Crucifix pin, giving him the upset victory.

Alexa Bliss hosted another installment of Alexa's Playground and was joined by her creepy doll named Lilly.

Bliss recounted how Lilly has actually been with her for years, showing childhood photos of herself with the doll. Bliss said Lilly convinced her to shove a school bully off a swing, resulting in a broken arm.


Bliss spoke to Lilly and mentioned how the doll does not like any of the other competitors in the women's division.

Other moments from Raw included The Viking Raiders defeating Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin; Naomi and Lana defeating Women's Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler after Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke caused Jax to leave her partner behind; Damian Priest interrupting Miz TV and later defeating The Miz despite interference from The Miz's wife Maryse; Elias defeating Kofi Kingston of The New Day; and United States Champion Sheamus beating down Humberto Carillo before their open challenge match.

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