WWE NXT Takeover: Raquel González becomes NXT Women's Champion

April 8 (UPI) -- Raquel González won big on the first night of WWE NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver, becoming the new NXT Women's Champion.

González faced Io Shirai for the title in the main event on Wednesday. Night two of Stand and Deliver takes place Thursday at 8 p.m. EDT on Peacock. Shirai became NXT Women's Champion in June 2020.


González arrived to the ring with her tag-team partner Dakota Kai, who quickly got herself ejected from the ringside area by the referee after she tried to interfere in the match.

The Genius of the Sky pulled out all the stops against González by performing a top rope Moonsault that sent her opponent crashing into the entrance ramp. Shirai then climbed on top of the 20-foot high Stand and Deliver Skull that was located near the entrance ramp.

Shirai leaped off the structure and landed with her body right on top of González. Shirai, back inside the ring, landed another Moonsault but it still wasn't enough to win the match. González recovered and planted the champ with a One-Armed Powerbomb outside the ring.

González delivered a second One-Armed Powerbomb and then pinned Shirai to become the new NXT Women's Champion. González celebrated amid fireworks and fog as Stand and Deliver went off the air.


Also at Stand and Deliver, Tommaso Ciampa took on the seemingly unstoppable Walter for the NXT United Kingdom Championship. Walter has held the title for over two years.

The towering Walter and Ciampa had a highly competitive and physical match. Walter displayed his impressive strength by accidentally hitting the announcer's desk with his hand while fighting Ciampa. The attack cracked the table down the middle but injured Walter's hand.

Ciampa focused in on Walter's hand and was even able to land the Fairytale Ending from the second rope, but Walter wouldn't stay down.

The Ring General ended the match with a pair of PowerBombs followed by a German Suplex and a Chop to remain NXT United Kingdom Champion.

A Gauntlet Eliminator match was held to determine who will face North American Champion Johnny Gargano at night two of Stand and Deliver. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott and Leon Ruff started the match, which featured a new grappler entering every 3 minutes.

Scott attacked Ruff during his entrance. The pair were soon joined by Bronson Reed and Cameron Grimes, who handed Scott cash so that they could work together. Scott eliminated Ruff, and Dexter Lumis was up next, followed by LA Knight, who entered the match last.


Knight eliminated Lumis by pinning him while he was placing Grimes in his signature Lumis Silence submission hold. Reed then eliminated Knight, and Scott pinned Grimes by pulling on his tights.

Reed withstood a number of high-impact moves from Scott before winning the Gauntlet with the Tsunami.

Other moments from Stand and Deliver included Zoey Stark defeating Toni Storm during the preshow; Pete Dunne defeating Kushida; and MSK winning the vacant NXT Tag Team Championships by defeating Grizzled Young Veterans and Legado del Fantasma.

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