Shep Rose: Austen Kroll trying to block out Madison LeCroy, Alex Rodriguez rumors

March 19 (UPI) -- Shep Rose says his friend and Southern Charm co-star Austen Kroll is trying to block out rumors about Madison LeCroy and Alex Rodriguez.

The 41-year-old television personality appeared on Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, where he shared Kroll's reaction to rumors that LeCroy, Kroll's ex-girlfriend, was DMing with Rodriguez.


"It's surprising," Rose said of the rumors. "Our little show is on the cover of magazines."

Rose said Kroll is doing his best to ignore the drama.

"Austen does not want to hear about it. He really doesn't," Rose said.

"He's a sensitive guy," he added of Kroll. "He's rather just block it out and act like that's the past and keep it in the past. Although I told him, 'Buddy, that's going to be difficult to do if we keep doing the show here.'"

Southern Charm star Craig Conover accused LeCroy of sleeping with a married former MLB star during the Season 7 reunion in February. LeCroy addressed her relationship with Rodriguez, telling Page Six that she never met Rodriguez in person and has only spoken to the former MLB star on the phone.


LeCroy also said she's "never been physical" with Rodriguez, who is engaged to singer Jennifer Lopez.

Southern Charm Season 7 showed Kroll and LeCroy split after two years of on-again, off-again dating but remain entangled in each other's lives. On WWHL, Rose said he's not sure Kroll and LeCroy will get back together.

"I'm not so sure that's going to happen. I really am optimistic for both of them, really, that they should go separate ways," Rose said. "I think it's a slow thing."

"They were really good friends -- say what you will about that -- but they were really close and they leaned on each other a lot. That's hard to separate and hard to have break up," he added.

Rose and Leva Bonaparte previously said on WWHL in January that LeCroy should let her relationship with Kroll go.

"You just wish if she was interested in other men, which is totally fine -- let him go," Rose said of Kroll. "Cut him loose."

On Thursday's WWHL, Rose also addressed his future with his girlfriend, Taylor Green, saying he doesn't know when he will propose.


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