Jerry Seinfeld says 'there really is no advice' when it comes to comedy

March 18 (UPI) -- Jerry Seinfeld told Jimmy Fallon that he feels there isn't any advice to give when it comes to comedy while appearing on The Tonight Show.

Fallon, on Wednesday, recalled how he approached Seinfeld at a party for advice on stand-up comedy after the late night host had performed onstage after Seinfeld had.


"I was just so nervous I probably didn't even make eye contact with you and I said, 'I just had to follow you at the Improv and you crushed, but I did okay. I ended up doing an impression of you.' And I got up and you go, 'That's good for you. You have to learn how to follow people.' It was kind of great advice going like, 'That's going to be part of this ride,'" Fallon said.

"Well, because there is really no advice. That's the kind of weird thing about stand-up comedy is like nobody can help you. It's like being a newborn calf. The cow can't say 'Here's how you walk.' It's just like, 'Figure it out,' you know?" Seinfeld replied.

Seinfeld described how the late Rodney Dangerfield didn't have much advice to give him either early on in his comedy career.


"I go, 'Could you give me some advice about how to be a comedian?' And he went, 'You'll figure it out,'" Seinfeld recalled.

Seinfeld also played Life Coach with Fallon, with the comedian giving advice to Tonight Show viewers on how to back out of a wedding party and compromising with a significant other.

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