Kyle Cooke says tickets to Lindsay Hubbard's NYE party cost $10K each

Feb. 19 (UPI) -- Kyle Cooke says tickets to Lindsay Hubbard's New Year's Eve party cost $10,000 each.

The television personality responded on Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens Live to Hubbard not inviting Hannah Berner to her NYE bash in December 2019.


Hubbard and Berner clashed in the Summer House Season 5 premiere, which aired this month. In a confessional shot, Berner said Hubbard didn't invite her to the party but invited her then-beau Luke Gulbranson. She claimed Hubbard tried to get Gulbranson and Danielle Olivera to hook up at the party.

When Berner confronted Hubbard about the party, Hubbard said she didn't invite Berner because she was "talking [expletive] on a podcast. Hubbard and Berner ended up talking out their issues and deciding to work on their friendship.

On WWHL, Cooke, who appeared on the show with Amanda Batula, was asked if he thought Hubbard was being petty by not inviting Berner to the party.

"It's a little give or take about what's petty, what's not," he said. "The one thing that hasn't been discussed is we only had so many tickets and they were $10,000 a piece. That's new information. She only had so many tickets to give."


Cooke then described the party, which was held in New York City and featured a performance by Poison.

"It was, like, literally looking down on Times Square. We felt very fortunate to be there, back when we could all party together," Cooke said.

"It was a ridiculous price, but that's a fun little nugget of information," he added of the ticket price. "It wasn't like she could get as many tickets as she wanted."


Berner previously said on WWHL that she was hurt by Hubbard not inviting her to the bash.

"Literally, the whole group, except for me wasn't there," she said. "I went to a small house party with some of my comedian friends. I had a good time, but I definitely felt hurt. It sucked."

Summer House is a Bravo reality series that follows a group of friends who share a summer house in Montauk, N.Y. The series also stars Carl Radke, Paige DeSorbo and Ciara Miller.

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