Francesca Rubi wishes she would have fired Elizabeth Frankini earlier

Feb. 16 (UPI) -- Francesca Rubi wishes she would have fired her Below Deck co-star Elizabeth Frankini earlier in the season.

Rubi and her co-star Eddie Lucas weighed in Rubi firing Frankini in Below Deck Season 8 during Monday's episode of Watch What Happens Live.


Below Deck is a reality series that follows the crew of a mega yacht during charter season. In the show's Feb. 8 episode, Rubi, the chief stewardess, fired Frankini, the third stewardess, after Frankini spent a night in a guest cabin with James Hough.

Rubi and Frankini previously clashed over Frankini's work ethic and Frankini accidentally creating "mustard gas" by mixing bleach and soap and leaving it in the boat's laundry room.

On WWHL, Lucas was asked if regrets saying that Rubi firing Frankini was "evil."

"No, I mean, it was only evil in the sense ... of holding her through the charter and kind of using her to the very last end and then getting rid of her," Lucas said. "I think it should have just been get rid of her right away and then get someone else in when you could."

It happens, but I don't think Francesca is evil," he added.


Rubi then shared her thoughts on the situation.

"I wish I would have fired her when the mustard gas situation happened, actually," Rubi said. "Captain Lee [Rosbach] and I sort of agreed that it wasn't the right time, and we couldn't get anyone at that point."

"I don't like dragging people through the mud," she added.

In another segment, Lucas was asked how he would have handled Frankini's missteps during the season and if he would have also fired her.

"I probably would have fired her, but at the same time ... Rachel [Hargrove] and Elizabeth have a really good relationship and so maybe I would have tried to tailor my management style kind of in a more friendship-oriented way, kind of in the same sense that Rachel was kind of dealing with her," Lucas said.

"Still at the same time, Elizabeth was, I think, really in her own head in so many ways that she was kind of hard to manage," he added.

Frankini said on WWHL last week that she is "very proud" of making a career out of yachting for more than four years.


"I hope to work with a crew in the future that actually appreciates and supports me," she said.

Below Deck airs Mondays on Bravo.

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