Ashling Lorger tells Elizabeth Frankini she isn't cut out for yachting

Feb. 9 (UPI) -- Ashling Lorger told Elizabeth Frankini she isn't cut out for yachting during a joint appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

The former Below Deck co-stars clashed during Monday's episode of WWHL following Frankini's firing in Below Deck Season 8.


Below Deck is a reality series that follows the crew of a mega yacht during charter season. Monday's episode showed Francesca Rubi fire Frankini after Frankini spent a night in a guest cabin with James Hough.

On WWHL, Lorger was asked if she thinks Frankini would have been a better stewardess and not gotten fired if Hough had not been on the boat.

"No. I think, Liz, you're just not cut for yachting. It's just not your thing," Lorger said. "I think you're more into your yoga and you know, more things like that. Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses. I think James was just a little bit of a distraction. He helped along the way."

"It is true," Frankini responded. "I do have a lot more going on in my life than being a yacht stew for the rest of my life."

Frankini said she made a successful career out of yachting for more than four years and is "very proud" of herself for it.


"I hope to work with a crew in the future that actually appreciates and supports me," she added.

During the WWHL after-show, Lorger and Frankini clashed after Lorger said she didn't think Rubi's firing of Frankini was personal. Lorger said Rubi had issues with Frankini long before her firing.

"As you can all see on previous episodes ... Francesca had already had some problems and she had already stated that to Captain Lee [Rosbach]," Lorger said.

"Did Francesca give you permission to say that? Your whole focus on the show is me," Frankini responded. "You ganged up on me with another woman and tried to put me down."

Lorger previously called Frankini "a lost cause" during an episode of WWHL in January.

On Monday's WWHL, Frankini also gave an update on the status of her relationship with Hough.

"I guess nothing. We're cordial," Frankini said. "I can't really put any energy into disliking him; it's just it is what it is."

"I think he's young and immature, but not in an offensive way," she added. "He's doing his thing, I'm doing mine, and we both got a lot of learning still to do, I suppose, and growing up."


Frankini said on WWHL in January that she regrets her romance with Hough.

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