Austen Kroll says there's no double standard for Madison LeCroy

Feb. 5 (UPI) -- Austen Kroll doesn't think there's a double standard when it comes to his and his ex-girlfriend Madison LeCroy's personal lives.

The 33-year-old television personality said on Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens Live that criticism of LeCroy's behavior is a "different scenario" than reaction to his past alleged threesome.


On WWHL, host Andy Cohen read a fan question that asked if Kroll thinks there's a double standard for LeCroy since Kroll wasn't called names after his reported threesome. Kroll and LeCroy both star on the Bravo reality series Southern Charm.

"That's ridiculous, first off, because I got called a whole number of things," Kroll responded. "I can't believe that someone out there thinks for one second that I wasn't called every name under the sun when that threesome thing happened. Which was never a threesome, Andy; it was just clickbait."

"So for Madison to be doing it when she claimed to love me, or this or that, that's a different scenario than that," he added.

LeCroy made her debut on Southern Charm in the Season 6 premiere after a video surfaced that showed Kroll and LeCroy arguing after LeCroy appeared to walk in on Kroll with two other women while they were dating. On WWHL, Kroll denied having a threesome.


"I didn't have a threesome, Andy," Kroll told Cohen.

"That was incriminating, for sure," he said of the video. "I didn't say I didn't sleep with somebody; I said I didn't have a threesome."

Kroll also addressed how his Southern Charm co-star John Pringle defended LeCroy at the Season 7 reunion.

"Pringle definitely wanted to come across as a gentleman. He didn't want to go in too hard on anybody," Kroll said. "I know that after he saw the way that I'd been treated at the beach party and things like that, he was like, whoa. I want to steer clear; not with a 10-foot pole."

"I think Pringle took the middle ground and didn't take anybody's back. I don't think that I needed any back after we all saw Craig [Conover]," he added. "So I think he just kinda wanted to maintain ... that middle ground."

LeCroy previously said on WWHL that Kroll's behavior at the Season 7 reunion was the "lightbulb moment" for her in their split. Their co-stars Shep Rose and Leva Bonaparte later said they think LeCroy should let Kroll go instead of stringing him along after their split.


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