Ted Danson compares working on 'Cheers' to 'Mr. Mayor' on 'Late Night'

Jan. 27 (UPI) -- Ted Danson compared the comedy styles of Cheers and his new series Mr. Mayor on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Danson, on Tuesday, described how Mr. Mayor moves at a much quicker pace than Cheers, with jokes happening without any pause.


"It's a lot sillier and boy, do we go fast," Danson told Meyers about Mr. Mayor, before saying how jokes were set up on Cheers, a comedy style that the actor said he grew up with.

Danson said on Cheers, a joke would be delivered and they would pause as the live audience laughed before moving onto the next joke.

"This is like you just tear through the jokes and you know buckle up. You can always rewind it if you want and check it out but they don't stop for the laugh. At 73 I'm having to learn how to speak quickly," Danson said.

Meyers asked Danson what he would do on set while the live audience was laughing on Cheers. Danson said he was given notes on what to do during the brief pauses.

"It started out, 'Just eat a peanut. Just say your joke, eat a peanut.' And then we found out that wasn't funny, so we moved to pretzels. Ate a lot of pretzels," Danson said.


Mr. Mayor recently premiered on NBC. Danson stars as a retired businessman who becomes the mayor of Los Angeles. He starred as Sam Malone on Cheers for 11 seasons.

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