Shep Rose, Leva Bonaparte want Madison LeCroy to let Austen Kroll go

Jan. 22 (UPI) -- Shep Rose and Leva Bonaparte think their Southern Charm co-star Madison LeCroy should let her relationship with Austen Kroll go.

Rose and Bonaparte weighed in on LeCroy and Kroll's relationship during Thursday's episode of Watch What Happens Live.


LeCroy and Kroll's split after two years of on-again, off-again dating has played out in Southern Charm Season 7. The pair, however, remain entwined in each other's lives, even as they date other people.

On WWHL, Rose was asked why LeCroy is "villainized" for her casual dating while Kroll's flings are accepted. Rose said his issue is with LeCroy appearing to string Kroll along after their split.

"I don't believe in that double standard. Be as promiscuous, whatever sex you are, as you want," Rose said. "But it's obvious who held all the cards in their relationship and who was, sort of the whipping boy. You feel bad for the underdog, kinda."

"You just wish if she was interested in other men, which is totally fine -- let him go. Cut him loose," he added.

Bonaparte agreed with Rose's remarks.

"Now that I've been around it for so long, it's just like, let him loose," Bonaparte said.


Rose also weighed in on a potential romance between LeCroy and John Pringle, who went on a solo outing together earlier in Season 7.

"I don't think it would work out, but I would be happy for her," Rose said.

"I think Austen says it in this final episode. He goes, 'Go ahead, man. She's all yours,'" he added.

Kroll said on WWHL in December that LeCroy had been sending him mixed messages and keeping him on the hook since their split. LeCroy shared the lightbulb moment in her split with Kroll on WWHL this month, citing Kroll's behavior at the Southern Charm reunion.

"I think him downplaying me as an entrepreneur and just being very rude to me and saying a lot of nasty things that weren't true, especially at the reunion," she said. "It was already done before then, but he put the nail on the head with that one."

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