Meghan McCain addresses her 'rough' return to 'The View'

Jan. 12 (UPI) -- Meghan McCain is opening up about her "rough" return to The View.

The 36-year-old television personality said on Monday's episode of Watch What Happens Live that she missed The View during her maternity leave despite her difficult return and tension with co-host Joy Behar.


McCain returned as The View co-host Jan. 4 after welcoming her first child, daughter Liberty Sage, with her husband, Ben Domenech, in September. On WWHL, McCain was asked for her "hot take" on her bumpy return.

"It's been such a rough reentry back into The View. I mean, I was on maternity leave for three months," the star said. "I had a really hard birth ... I had preeclampsia, I had to have a magnesium drip ... I had a really hard time getting back to work. I thought I would be back by the election. So just, like, that process of getting back was a lot."

"This past week back with just the show the way it is, and then obviously everything going on in the country and the horrible, horrific attack on our Capitol, it's just been a lot," she added.


McCain and Behar clashed during the Jan. 5 episode of The View, prompting Behar to say she "didn't miss" McCain while she was on maternity leave. On WWHL, McCain said she missed all of her co-hosts.

"I will say, I missed everyone. Even if some people didn't miss me, I missed the show. We're a family; all of these women were at my dad's funeral," she said, referencing her late father, John McCain. "We've been through a lot of [expletive] together."

"I hope that we can all be examples, myself included, for where the country should go forward," she added. "Whether we like it or not, I'm not going anywhere on the show, Joy's not going anywhere on the show. We all have to live together and coexist together, just like Americans right now."

McCain also addressed Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd's behavior toward her during her previous appearance on WWHL. McCain said she was a fan of Dodd until the episode.

"She was so mean to me and had clearly had some drinks beforehand, and now I've totally turned on her," McCain said. "She was calling me a 'trust fund kid,' said I never worked a day in my life."


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