George Clooney says 'Midnight Sky' is about 'regret' and 'redemption'

Dec. 3 (UPI) -- George Clooney appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss his upcoming Netflix film, sci-fi drama Midnight Sky.

Clooney stars in and directed Midnight Sky, which comes to Netflix and select theaters on Dec. 23. The actor portrays a lonely scientist in the Arctic who is trying to stop Felicity Jones and a team of astronauts from returning home to a global catastrophe.


"It's a film about regret and about redemption. And about all those sort of other elements. It had very little to do with sort of the idea of being in space or being out on the Arctic," Clooney said.

"It's really about sort of coming to terms with what we're capable of doing to one another if we don't pay attention," he continued before acknowledging that the film relates to the COVID-19 pandemic despite the fact that filming completed before the pandemic kicked into high-gear.

"It's nothing we're proud of to be timely on this film. There is a huge part of the story which is about our inability to communicate and to be home. To be with the people you love and to talk to them and see them," Clooney said.


Clooney also discussed how he cuts his own hair using a Flowbee and how his 3-year-old twins that he shares with wife Amal Clooney, daughter Ella and son Alexander, can speak fluent Italian.

"We did a really dumb thing, which is they speak fluent Italian. I mean fluent Italian at three. But I don't speak Italian, my wife doesn't speak Italian, so we've armed them with a language," Clooney said.

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