Al Roker returns to 'Today' after prostate cancer surgery: 'I feel good'

Nov. 23 (UPI) -- Al Roker is back at Today two weeks after his prostate cancer surgery.

The 66-year-old Today weather anchor and co-host returned to the show Monday following his prostate cancer diagnosis and surgery.


Roker was diagnosed with prostate cancer in September and had surgery to remove his prostate and several lymph nodes earlier this month. On Today, he gave a health update and said he was feeling "good."

"I tell ya, I have great surgeons," Roker told his co-hosts. "Had a lot of love from my family ... and a lot of you and all of you here just really took care of me."

"I feel good, I really do," he added. "Feel good and been trying to exercise."

Roker will undergo regular checkups in the coming years to keep an eye on his health.

"The first week of January, I go have bloodwork. Hopefully my PSA has dropped considerably," he said, referencing his prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels. "For the next five years I'll get tested every six months."

Roker confirmed his return and encouraged others to get tested for prostate cancer in an Instagram video Monday.


"We're baaaaaaack!!! #getchecked for #prostatecancer #prostatecancerawareness," he captioned the post.

Roker announced his prostate cancer diagnosis Nov. 6 on Today. He said Nov.12 on Instagram that he was feeling "relieved" and back at home after his surgery.

Last week on Today, Roker said he is "doing great" and announced his impending return to the show. His doctor, Dr. Vincent Laudone, said Roker now has "no evidence of cancer" but will be monitored for several years.

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