Candiace Dillard takes accountability for her 'mouth' in Monique Samuels fight

Nov. 16 (UPI) -- Candiace Dillard says she takes accountability for her words during her fight with Real Housewives of Potomac co-star Monique Samuels.

The 33-year-old television personality said on Sunday's episode of Watch What Happens Live that she "absolutely" takes responsibility for her part in her physical altercation with Samuels.


Dillard and Samuels clashed during a September episode of RHOP, which showed Samuels appear to put her hands around Dillard's neck during an argument. Dillard had told Samuels to "drag" her.

On WWHL, Dillard was asked if she takes any accountability for her part in the altercation.

"Absolutely. I am accountable for my mouth, because my mouth is fast, it's smart. If you can't handle it you might lose your cool and try to fight somebody," she said. "Yes, for my mouth I can be accountable."

Dillard also reacted to Samuels expressing remorse about the fight during a conversation with her pastor.

"No, I don't believe her," Dillard said. "That was shot in November. She did 20,000 things after that, including writing me a song bragging about what she did, bragging that she shut me up months ago on Twitter."

"It was just a barrage of foolishness that is not indicative of someone who is really truly remorseful," she added. "It was a stunt. She's a stunt queen. She deserves an Emmy."


Dillard previously said on WWHL that Samuels "tried at every turn" to start the fight. She said telling Samuels to "drag" her did not provoke Samuels to escalate the fight.

"Let's go back to the moment when she threatened to drag me eight months pregnant ... and then threatened to hit me in the face with a glass bottle," Dillard said.

"So, the short answer is no. I don't believe that me quoting a violent pregnant person deserves or warrants me being violently attacked," she added.

Samuels said on WWHL in October that she "absolutely" feels remorse about her fight with Dillard.

On Sunday's WWHL, Dillard was also asked to describe Ashley Darby's song "Coffee in Love" in three words. She responded with, "Vomit. Travesty. Goodnight."

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