Karen Huger: Gizelle Bryant was 'deflecting' with Jamal Bryant FaceTime call

Nov. 9 (UPI) -- Karen Huger says Gizelle Bryant was "deflecting" with her FaceTime call to Jamal Bryant on The Real Housewives of Potomac.

On Sunday's episode of Watch What Happens Live, Huger discussed her conflict with Bryant over Bryant's relationship with Jamal, her ex-husband.


Sunday's RHOP showed Huger question Bryant over her reported reconciliation with Jamal. Huger and the other women raised concerns about how they never see Bryant with her ex-husband.

During a later conversation between Huger and Bryant, Bryant attempted to FaceTime call Jamal to prove he is a part of her life.

"Gizelle, I've always known that Jamal lives in your phone," Huger said on the show.

On WWHL, Huger said Bryant's call was meant to stop her questioning.

"Absolutely Gizelle was deflecting when she picked up the phone and tried to prove that Jamal was in her life by FaceTiming him," she said. "Which didn't work with me because the man lives in the phone. He's been living in the phone for a year."

Huger said she's spent "absolutely no time" with Jamal in 2019 or this year. She said she doesn't blame Huger for not wanting to double date with her.


"Double dating is too much to ask, but I'll say that Gizelle certainly became extremely defensive at all of us," Huger said. "All we would like her to do is put down her defense and open up a little bit about her private life."

"Jamal is seemingly her man, so, we share our man -- share your man," she added.

Huger also weighed in on her co-star Ashley Darby's reconciliation with her husband, Michael Darby, after Michael cheated.

"There's a reason to try forgiveness," Huger said, referencing Darby and Michael's 16-month-old son, Dean. "I admire Ashley for giving him an opportunity, because you know, hey, they're building a family."

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