Tayshia Adams didn't talk to Clare Crawley before becoming 'Bachelorette'

Nov. 6 (UPI) -- Tayshia Adams appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed replacing Clare Crawley as the new Bachelorette and how she wishes she could have spoken with Crawley beforehand.

Crawley exited the show on Thursday's episode after becoming engaged to contestant Dale Moss. Adams told Kimmel on Thursday that she was asked to join the show in the summer and wasn't told what happened to Crawley.


"I got the phone call and it was more so just like, 'Hey, you're the girl' and I'm like, 'I got you' and I was there," Adams said.

"As soon as I got the phone call I said I have to do three things. Number one, I have to go run a mile because I just ate two donuts, number two, I have to scream into a pillow because what the hell just happened and number three, I have to call my mom and that's exactly what I did," she continued.


Adams then had to stay in quarantine before starting the show inside the El Presidente suite, the same room where Crawley and Moss had hooked up.

"Good thing I saged the place, you know what I mean. We got some good juju in there," she said.

Adams said that speaking with Crawley could have helped her know more about the contestants.

"We didn't speak. I mean she had just gotten engaged, there was a lot going on. I wish she would have so she could have like thrown me a bone and warned me about a guy or two," Adams said.

The Bachelorette, now featuring Adams, airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on ABC.

Crawley, on Instagram, posted photos of her engagement to Moss.

"It's official!! Love wins!!!! I love you @dalemoss13," she captioned the images.

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