Jessica More regrets Bali trip with Rob Westergaard

Oct. 13 (UPI) -- Jessica More says she regrets her trip to Bali with her ex-boyfriend and Below Deck Mediterranean co-star, Rob Westergaard.

The television personality shared details about the trip on Monday's episode of Watch What Happens Live following the Below Deck Med Season 5 finale and after-show. Below Deck Med follows the crew of a mega yacht during charter season.


The Season 5 finale update confirmed More and Westergaard left the yacht together and showed a photo of the couple kissing in Bali. More said on WWHL, however, that the trip nearly didn't happen.

Westergaard gave up a boat crossing opportunity to go on the vacation with More, but More said she doesn't believe Westergaard would have chosen to go if she hadn't begged.

"No, because his M.O. apparently is ghosting, so I think he would have just ghosted," she said.

More said she went on the trip hoping to recapture the feeling of her early romance with Westergaard.

"I think I was stuck on wanting what we had in the beginning, and I should have just accepted that it wasn't going to be that again," she said.

More said Westergaard tried to back out of the vacation again after they left the boat and were on their way to the airport. She said she ultimately regrets the trip.


"I do. That's a trip I had been looking forward to forever," More said. "It didn't go well, so I wish I just would have went alone and met up with friends."

More and Westergaard developed a romance during Below Deck Med Season 5 but have since split. On the Season 5 finale after-show, More said they dated for about six months.

"I mean, I think in total, Rob and I were together for about six months in a serious relationship and basically together every day. It was definitely a roller coaster with him," she said. "I've never felt that sort of affection and attention and love -- and then also the polar opposite."

More said her romance with Westergaard "didn't end on the best note" and that they are "still not in the best place."

"It just keeps seeming to build, my disappointment for somebody that I really, truly cared about and loved and thought that I was gonna marry and spend the rest of my life with," she said.

More said on WWHL in September that Westergaard's ex-girlfriend sent her a warning about Westergaard when they first started dating. More previously said she and Westergaard split because he didn't want a committed relationship.


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