Dan Levy on 'Schitt's Creek' returning: 'I hope we do in some capacity'

Sept. 23 (UPI) -- The cast of Schitt's Creek including Dan Levy, his father Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Annie Murphy appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the series winning big at the Emmys and if the comedy will ever return.

"Obviously this has been, as I said I think multiple times last night, the single greatest experience of my life. And obviously, these people I love like family," Dan Levy told Kimmel on Tuesday when asked about the show continuing in the future.


"There's a kind of elegance about bowing out when people still care about you, so if we come back, which I hope we do in some capacity, it has to be deserving of everyone's time," he continued.

Schitt's Creek, created by Dan and Eugene Levy, wrapped up its sixth and final season in April. The comedy followed a wealthy family who is forced to relocate to a small town after losing their fortune.

The show swept the comedy categories at the Emmys on Sunday, winning a total of seven prizes including four acting awards for Dan and Eugene Levy, O'Hara and Murphy and Outstanding Comedy Series.


Murphy was the last member of the main cast to receive an acting award at the Emmys.

"At no point was I like oh well we won this many now I'm going to win. It was more like internal monologue of just like who am I going to apologize to first when I lose," Murphy said about the pressure she felt to also bring home an acting award.

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