Kevin Hart says basketball dreams ended at camp with Kobe Bryant

Sept. 10 (UPI) -- Kevin Hart appeared on The Tonight Show and said his dreams of becoming a basketball star were crushed after he attended a camp with late NBA great Kobe Bryant.

"I just wasn't good, man. I just wasn't good and I was mad at myself because I sold myself this dream and this dream just wasn't a reality. Because this man played left-handed, didn't even take it serious," Hart told host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday about going to the invitation-only camp where he was roommates with Bryant.


"Thank god because Kobe showed me that I did not have talent in a game that I thought that I did. I was horrible," he continued.

Hart also discussed how his 15-year-old daughter Heaven Hart wants to follow in his footsteps.

"My daughter is all about it. She wants to be a comedian, a comedic actress. She wants to write. She wants to produce. Everything that she has seen me do, my daughter wants to do. She is a daddy's girl to the fullest," Hart said.


"I told her my agreement is you got to finish being a kid. So when she's 18, I back everything she wants to do. You know, give me some school, give me some college. Be the fist one with the last name Hart to do that," he continued.

Hart is the host of E!'s Celebrity Game Face. The 41-year-old played a round of Fill In My Blank from the game show. Hart asked Fallon what is one thing he would change about himself with the late night host writing down his answer on a white board.

Hart said he would change his nose, while Fallon wrote down "the size of my junk." Hart then answered the question for Fallon, stating that he would change his forehead. Fallon's answer, however, was that he would change how nice he is.

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