Jim Carrey says he inherited Rodney Dangerfield's pot pipe

July 17 (UPI) -- Jim Carrey appeared on The Tonight Show to discuss his novel Memoirs and Misinformation and how he came into possession of the late Rodney Dangerfield's pot pipe.

Host Jimmy Fallon mentioned Dangerfield to Carrey on Thursday due to the comedian appearing in the book. Carrey described how he met Dangerfield and the friendship that they had.


"I was touring with him like at Caesars Palace and all these places where people were just scratching their heads because I was experimenting and he would say, 'Man, they're looking at you like you're from another friggin' planet you know," Carrey said while impersonating Dangerfield.

"He just loved my greenness. He would laugh openly out of nowhere and just look at my face and start laughing. And he'd ask me questions like, 'Hey kid, have you ever been in love?'" Carrey continued.

Carrey said Dangerfield's wife Joan sent him an email about how much she enjoyed Memoirs and Misinformation and how her late husband would have been happy with the book. She sent Carrey Dangerfield's pipe.

"You know when he passed away, she sent me this beautiful box with his favorite shirt and his pot pipe. Which is you know, if you knew him, that's pretty much the grail," Carrey said.


Dangerfield died at the age of 82 in 2004.

Memoirs and Misinformation, which Carrey co-wrote with Dana Vachon, was released on July 7. The book is semi-autobiographical.

Carrey's Showtime series Kidding was recently canceled after two season.

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