Tom Hanks says wearing a mask is 'the least you can do'

July 15 (UPI) -- Tom Hanks appeared on The Late Show to discuss being diagnosed with COVID-19 -- along with his wife Rita Wilson, the importance of wearing a mask and the experience he had working with his son on new film Greyhound.

Hanks and Rita announced in March that they were diagnosed with the virus while the actor was in Australia shooting a movie. Hanks said that he has no idea where they could have contracted it and that he experienced different symptoms from his wife.


"Very different, other than a headache. She had a higher fever than I did. She had horrible nausea," Hanks told host Stephen Colbert on Tuesday before noting that Wilson also experienced a loss of taste of smell while he had body aches.

"I had bones that felt like they were made out of soda crackers. Every time I moved around I felt like something was cracking inside me," he said.

Hanks called into question those in the United States who refuse to wear a mask or follow other health guidelines such as washing hands and keeping a safe distance from others.


"It's literally the least you can do is wear a cloth or a thing. I mean I wear bandanas double layered," the 64-year-old said.

"Is this impossible now? I think of George Washington's troops at Valley Forge you know. If you ask them to wear a mask, they'd love it because it would keep them a little bit warm," he continued.

Greyhound, a World War II epic which Hanks wrote and stars in, was released onto Apple TV+ on Friday. Hanks' son Chet also stars in the film.

"It was incredible fun because he was just so good and I actually got to have that dad-like face with him you know," Hanks said about how he was able to give Chet stern looks during certain scenes.

"It's one of the pleasures of having enough clout, being sort of the star of the movie where you can ask for certain people to be in it," he continued.

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