D.L. Hughley says he didn't have 'classic' COVID-19 symptoms

July 8 (UPI) -- D.L. Hughley discussed being diagnosed with COVID-19 and his new book Surrender, White People while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which was hosted by Anthony Anderson.

Hughley, 57, discovered he had COVID-19 in June after he collapsed onstage during a show in Nashville.


"I didn't have any of the classic symptoms. I didn't have the cough, I didn't have the fever, I didn't have the shortness of breath. I didn't have the loss of taste and smell. What I had was passing the hell out," Hughley, who has since recovered from the virus, said on Tuesday.

Hughley released Surrender, White People in June. The comedian co-wrote the book with Doug Moe.

"Obviously it's a provocative title, but it just means surrendering your privilege," Hughley said.

"We are in the process of becoming a majority minority country so my solution is to kind of write a peace treaty while the getting still good. We're getting blacker, we're getting browner, we're getting fatter, we're getting higher. In about 25 years it's gonna be a nation that looks decidedly different. So I decided to take a comedic vantage point and just kind of write a peace treaty," he continued.


"With a peace treaty, they get to feel not horrible and we get some things we want," Hughley concluded about the book.

Kimmel is taking the summer off to spend more time with his family. Billy Eichner is also set to serve as a guest host.

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