Lena Waithe: 'The Chi' to feature first transgender character

June 23 (UPI) -- The Chi creator Lena Waithe says she's "so excited" to introduce the show's first transgender character.

The 36-year-old actress, writer and producer said on Monday's episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden that Season 3 will be the "gayest season ever" and have a "fantastic" new character named Jasmine.


"It's definitely the gayest season ever," Waithe said of the season, which premiered Monday on Showtime. "We kick off with two black women marrying each other in holy matrimony."

"I'm so excited that we finally get to introduce our first trans character this season," she added. "Her name is Jasmine, she's a Chicago native, she's fantastic."

Waithe said the show won't linger on or emphasize the fact that Jasmine is transgender.

"We make sure to not point a finger or shed too much light on her being trans," she said. "She's an amazing woman, she's an interesting character, and I'm excited that we finally get to do that this season."

In addition, Waithe said Season 3 won't feature any police. Waithe said she made the decision prior to George Floyd's death and the ensuing protests.


"Even before all of this happened, when I pitched Season 3 to the network and studio I said, 'I don't want any cops this season. Why do police have to be in the black community narrative at all?'" Waithe said.

"My amazing showrunner, Justin Hillian, basically said, 'Well, you know how to make cops go away? Make a black girl disappear.' So that's what we did," she added. "We focus on how the community comes together, leans on each other, and doesn't necessarily need police to be in their community."

The Chi stars Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Jacob Latimore, Alex Hibbert, Michael Epps and Yolonda Ross. Showtime released a teaser trailer for Season 3 in May.

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