Starz offers 8 titles pertaining to racial issues for free

Student Jada Buford (left) speaks in the Starz docuseries America to Me. Photo courtesy of Starz
Student Jada Buford (left) speaks in the Starz docuseries "America to Me." Photo courtesy of Starz

June 5 (UPI) -- Starz announced Friday that a collection of eight titles would be available to watch for free on their app or on-demand services. These documentary films and series examine racial inequality. Starz calls the collection Black Voices: Strength, Pride, History.

Hoop Dreams director Steve James directed the docuseries America to Me, with episodes tackling racial, economic and class issues in the education system. The series premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.


Spike Lee directed A Huey P. Newton Story, playwright Roger Guenveur Smith's one-man show about the Black Panther co-founder. Smith also plays Newton.

The documentary For Ahkeem follows a teenager trying to graduate a court supervised high school. It encompasses the Ferguson protests and her personal struggles. The documentary Stranger Fruit investigates the Ferguson killing of Michael Brown from the perspective of his parents.

The documentary Emanuel documents the white supremacist mass shooting at an African Methodist Episcopal Church and its aftermath. The documentary Out of Omaha follows twin brothers growing up in Omaha, Neb.

Morgan Freeman narrates the documentary Scandalize My Name, about African-Americans dealing with the Joe McCarthy hearings in the 1950s. The documentary The Rape of Recy Taylor chronicles Taylor's fight for justice when six white boys raped her in 1944 Alabama.


The Criterion Channel also made a collection of content by black filmmakers available to view for free to those who do not subscribe to their streaming service.

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