Michael Che talks filming 'SNL at home on 'Late Night'

June 2 (UPI) -- Michael Che discussed on Late Night with Seth Meyers his experience with filming new episodes of Saturday Night Live from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SNL started doing virtual, home editions of the sketch comedy series in April due to the pandemic. Che and the show's stars recorded skits and the Season 45 finale from home.


"I was extremely skeptical at first and then when we started doing it, I started like complaining and being miserable and stressed. You know, like a show would be," Che told Meyers on Monday.

"It kind of made me think about other things. It kind of took my mind off of the world going insane. So I loved doing it," he continued.

Che also talked about how he's not able to try out new comedy material onstage due to the pandemic and how social distancing makes it harder to write new material.

"It's hard to focus. Your only voice is you, you have nothing to kind of bounce things off of. You need that audience, you need that energy, you need that feedback," he said.


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