Conan O'Brien crashes small business meeting on Zoom

April 21 (UPI) -- Conan O'Brien crashed a small business meeting that was happening on online chat service Zoom for a segment on his late-night talk show Conan.

O'Brien suddenly appeared on webcam for a meeting that was happening between eight others from software company Tibco on Monday.


O'Brien entered the meeting with help from an employee. Zoom, which offers video chatting, has become popular among businesses and those staying indoors amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The late night host poked fun at Tibco CEO Dan Streetman, offered comedic business advice and attempted to boost the morale of the employees.

"I'm disappointed in our sales performance. I'm disappointed in a lot of you across the board. This could be a great company if we get off our asses and make it a great company!" O'Brien said jokingly.

The comedian also read sentences off of Tibco's website and passed them off as ideas to improve the company.

O'Brien, like other late night hosts, has been conducting Conan remotely from his home due to the pandemic. Sophie Turner recently appeared on the talk show and discussed how her new Quibi movie Survive relates to Game of Thrones.


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